How to Spot a Strong Company Culture

Meeting people and seeing a city is exciting, especially when it involves a new client. So when R/West was invited up to Seattle to meet the team at Tom Douglas Restaurants, we were thrilled to explore and get acquainted.

Seattle or Bust!

Seattle or Bust!

There’s no research like first-hand research, so we rolled up our sleeves and tucked into the delicious opportunity to taste tasty things…

Cooking class with all of the R/West team members in Seattle at the Hot Stove Society, Tom Douglas' Cooking School within the Hotel Andra

Cooking class with all of the R/West team members in Seattle at the Hot Stove Society, Tom Douglas’ Cooking School within the Hotel Andra

We expected delicious food and fun people, but what we didn’t expect was a crash course in what a strong company culture looks like. If you are a start-up or even a heritage company, there’s always room to improve a company’s culture. Below are a few of the takeaways that we noticed at Tom Douglas Restaurants:


  1. PEOPLE MATTER – When a company shows that they care about their employees, it gives them a sense of purpose and loyalty. At Tom Douglas, health care and long-term careers are a standard. But it’s also the little everyday things that make a difference, like cleaning up shared space and setting the table for your morning meeting.


  1. RALLYING CRY – Knowing your company’s mission statement gives you something to stand behind. With an emphasis on quality and care, every employee lives and breathes their mission statement: Deliciousness with Graciousness.


  1. HELPING HANDS – Giving back to the community solidifies a sense of purpose within a company. Regular customers are the bread and butter of restaurants – as well as the businesses, residences and city around them. Tom Douglas actively participates in improving the state of Washington causes like Food Lifeline that works to get rid of hunger.


Recognizing the ingredients and the start of a strong company culture is important because it can be fostered to help it grow and grow. Cheers to our new partner up north!

Written by: Annatova Goodman