A Stomach’s Guide to SE Portland

Everybody loves Portland, but not everybody seems to know about the great eats here on the East side. Crazy urban homesteaders and double decker bikes have made national headlines, but many visitors are still not quite sure what to eat and drink before or after they come to the hood where our office is located. There are so many tastes to try, but these are some experiences you can only find right off the Willamette.


Stumptown Coffee Roasters

4525 SE Division St

Coffee is Portland’s #1 export. While I have no data to support this, I feel that coffee is at the very least our spirit animal. Stumptown Coffee Roasters is the first thing my ex-pat Portland friends stuff into their suitcases, and how I drag myself out of bed every morning. Their original location is here in Southeast and their HQs is actually down the street from our office.

Looking for something less expected to impress your favorite coffee lover? Coava Coffee Roasters on Southeast Grand will impress.




2508 SE Clinton


Portland’s reputation as a brunch town is well documented, but Broder throws down with signature eats worth waking up for. Swedish Hash, Aebleskiver (Danish Pancakes) and Bords will surprise you at first and then immediately start to taste like home. Latecomers will find they have a wait, but Broder has opened up the bar next door where you can curl up with a paper and a cup of coffee while you try to decide between the fritters and the potato crêpes.


Distillery Row


Just as the craft brewing movement found its moment and its home in Oregon, our live free or die politics have made Portland the new frontier of distilling. With eight local spirits hugging the left bank, pick a weekend, put on your walking shoes and hit up the tasting rooms that throw open their doors to thirsty adventurers. Shout out to new R/West client Wild Roots Vodka.



Whiskey Soda Lounge

3131 SE Division St

Yes, Pok Pok is for reals. But we are Portlanders and waiting in line is not really our style, thanks to more than 150 days of rain per year. So here’s how to enjoy all that Thai chicken wing goodness in style: head across the street. At Whiskey Soda Lounge you can either sip on a drinking vinegar while you wait for your table, or tuck in directly off the Thai street food menu accompanied by a solid drinks list. During summer try the patio and slushy beer and enjoy the pale-skinned masses blink at that weird light in the sky.

So what did we miss? Where’s your stomach’s favorite hangout in SE? We’ll be posting here frequently, so don’t be afraid to shout it out! And keep an eye out for our San Francisco and NYC versions as well!


Written by: Sarah Murray