Bill Murray, it’s been real.


I’m writing this post as summer, and our beloved movies on the roof series Murrsdays, sadly comes to a close. Before I cry all over my keyboard, let me start from the beginning.


Our creative department stared at each other in silence during lunch at the Bollywood Theater trying to choose this year’s theme. Well, it didn’t start off as silence, but something more equitable to an Italian family arguing loudly over dinner. As each of us blurted out our favorite actors and actresses, it dawned on us. We were great at coming up with ideas, but deciding on one? Not so much. So we turned it over to the rest of the agency.
As I kept my fingers crossed for Christopher Walken (next year’s theme anyone?), the voting began. Week by week, more and more actors were eliminated, until we were left with one lone actor: Bill Murray.


*I will note that we did try to call and invite Bill Murray, but his phantom 800 phone number agent was nowhere to be found – thanks Mitch for trying.
And the games began.


The day of the first Murrsdays, our office buzzed with anticipation as we awaited 6:00. Ghostbusters was first. We filled the 7’ Puff inflatable, and headed to the roof. There were Jello shots, beer, booze, boozy snocones, and even a surprise visit from the Portland Ghostbusters themselves.
Next was Kingpin, which started on an all agency scavenger hunt for Jagermeister…a surefire way to start the party. Sticking to the movie’s bowling theme, we brought in a hot dog machine, nachos, and even life-size bowling lanes complete with inflatable bowling pins and bowling balls.

Groundhog Day followed. Everyone dug into the “live like there’s no tomorrow” themed buffet, and took a turn at the human-sized Whack-a-Groundhog table. There was also a photo booth that didn’t quite go as planned. Maybe next year.



And how can we forget about Bob? In honor of Gill, Bob’s trusty sidekick in What About Bob, we played ‘Gill Pong’ and snacked on Goldfish crackers. We rocked “Don’t Hassle Me I’m an R/Westie” stickers, and talked out our problems a la Dr. Leo Marvin and the one and only Bob through sock puppets.
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But like all good things, Murrsdays must come to an end. This Thursday, we say goodbye with Life Aquatic – whose story remains to be written. Join us for the final shebang.


Written by: Brittany Hughes