Brand Manager: Defined

The world of Advertising is a whirlwind of creative activity. Keeping up with trends in technology, culture, and design makes for a lifetime of learning. We all see the visuals and read the copy, but that’s not the only stuff that makes those Advertising wheels turn.

I have found myself here at R\West, a full-service agency in the role of Brand Manager. It’s more than an Account Executive, and it’s more than a Project Manager. We know that PR gets media coverage, graphic designers make pretty things and web developers build websites – but what exactly does a Brand Manager do?

At R\West, relationships drive the process. Brand Managers are there to forge those relationships and keep them moving forward in a positive direction. We wear many hats, and sometimes it’s hard to define exactly what we do. So I thought I would tell you more about it with the help of one of my favorite accounts, our pro-bono client The Pittock Mansion.

The Pittock Mansion is the historical home of Henry Pittock and his wife Georgiana, owner of The Oregonian after 1861. This chateau-style home sits atop 46 acres now owned by the city’s Bureau of Parks and Recreation. In 2013, the marketing team at the Pittock Mansion came to R\West to assist in a campaign to drive attendance and donations. Keeping a historical home in good condition can be costly, and admission price and donations are what keep the Pittock Mansion just as beautiful as it was one hundred years ago.

As the Brand Manager of this account, I am the primary client contact. This happens to be one of my favorite things about my role – getting to know my partner on the client side. I’m so lucky to work with Angie Allee, the Marketing Communications Manger at the Pittock Mansion. Getting to know and work with her has been such a pleasure!

Angie and I work together to create materials to supplement the Centennial Campaign that R\West and Pittock Mansion developed. From billboards to radio ads to menu design, Angie and I put all the pieces together. Our big event was the Centennial Soiree, an outdoor event held on the lawn of the Pittock Mansion.

This was going to be no ordinary party. Not only was it to be held at the Pittock Mansion, but there was amazing food and live music as well. Angie and I knew that we had to keep our materials close to the brand look and feel that had been created, while staying relevant and exciting. We worked with the board at Pittock to hone the visual message so that it told the story of the Pittock Mansion today.

After the design for the invitation was finalized, all of the other components followed suit. Angie would gather the information that needed to be on each piece, and I passed that information on to the creative department so they could create the materials. We came away with a beautiful bundle of collateral! The creative department at R\West did a great job of bring text and image together in an elegant expressive style.

The year isn’t over yet, but we’re on the way to accomplishing our goals. By mid-August, the Pittock Mansion had about 85k visitors, just 15k away from our goal of 100k vistors before the Centennial year ends. In the works are all kinds of radio ads, news stories and another fabulous party you won’t want to miss.

So what do I do as a Brand Manager? I help clients achieve goals. We talk and work together to make the best out of everything that’s available to us. And it’s amazing to see the confidence and pride on the faces of our clients as they watch the results pour in.

Brand Managers are The Glue that Holds it All Together.

It may be hard to put us in a box, but wherever there’s a successful campaign you can count on us to be there, working our magic behind the curtain.

Written by: Annatova Goodman

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