Summer’s officially here and temperatures are rising – despite our weather whiplash at R\West New York with 65° F one day and 85° F the next. So, what should you drink (besides water) when it’s hot outside?


Heading to the beach or enjoying live music in the park?  Wine in cans are supremely portable, easy to chill, and now more drinkable than ever. Do a little research and avoid the plonk; you’ll find tasty, quality quaffs in aluminum, no sweat.


Of course, there’s the ubiquitous glass of rosé, but you can enjoy pink wine in shades of salmon to strawberry any time of year, even when the temperature dips below freezing.  Rosé’s summer sibling, frosé, might be so last season, but it’s still delightful and delicious.

If the thought of frozen drinks conjures up images of Margarita machines at Fat Tuesdays (aka hangover heaven), where have you been?  Boozy slushies and slurpees are the subject of many an Eater article. I can’t wait to try the Roof’s “Miami Vice” which layers a strawberry Daiquiri atop a Piña Colada and which should make for a tropical team happy hour.


Speaking of Tequila, Mexico’s most popular cocktail is actually not the Margarita, but the Paloma. Make one on the fly by mixing grapefruit soda or LaCroix grapefruit sparkling water with a splash (or two) of silver Tequila and a squeeze of lime, olé!  If you dig the grapefruit flavor but prefer beer, try one of these brews.


Europhiles looking for a lower-alcohol libation can sip on a spritz in a sunny outdoor spot and pretend to be on the Riviera. Staying in la dolce vita mode, Negronis remain oh-so-trendy with an entire week dedicated to them on an annual basis. When it’s sweltering and even the idea of mixing one up is daunting, go with a ready-to-drink version.  Wait, a pre-mixed cocktail, ewww, that sounds awful, right? Doubters, try this one from Brooklyn! And hey, you can get them at Astor Wine & Spirits (pssst, they ship across the U.S.).


Stuck in a staycation but dreaming of a beach getaway? Try one of these “island wines” from Greece, Italy, Spain or France and you’ll almost feel that cool, tangy sea breeze.

  • Assyrtiko from Santorini
  • Etna Bianco from Sicily
  • Listan Negro Rosado (rosé) from the Canary Islands
  • Vermentino from Corsica

Whatever your beverage of choice, there are plenty of tasty sips to enjoy when it’s HOT out there.



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