DeMarini Baseball: 2021 Campaign Creative

We’re excited to announce DeMarini’s 2021 Baseball Lineup has officially launched with brand new creative.

For the 2021 season, R\West had complete creative freedom to rethink the 2021 baseball launch campaign. DeMarini asked that the campaign creative:

  • Showcased key tech specs
  • Educated the consumer
  • Engaged the consumer and captured the spirit of the brand

Bats aren’t made to stand still against a fence, they are meant to hit home runs. Led by R\West’s Associate Creative Director, Ian Johnson, we threw out all the rules to bring brand new, innovative ideas to the DeMarini team for the 2021 season.

With the idea of movement at the forefront, our creative team got to work. Each content piece that made up the overall campaign, whether it was an ecommerce product page, banner ad, organic or paid social asset, needed to encapsulate the competitive nature of playing baseball. From still images to GIFs and product to lifestyle shots, showcasing movement was the top priority.

In collaboration with Wilson’s (DeMarini’s parent company) ecommerce team, R\West was able to implement creative that pushed the boundaries of what their Drupal site traditionally was able to do, all while highlighting the bat technology, key consumer benefits, and brand attitude.

The End Result? A creative campaign that showcased movement, moved DeMarini out of their comfort zone and educated the consumer on why DeMarini baseball bats are the best in the biz. But the best result was the excited client on the other end, thrilled with the way the R\West creative team captured the DeMarini spirit.

Check out the new creative on and follow along at @demarini on Instagram.

DeMarini HITS animated gif

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