Getting Away from the Screen and Into Real Life

Advertising has become a normal part of our lives. For those of us in the industry, this noise makes it hard for us to deliver our message.



With the advent of the internet, digital advertising has taken on the lion’s share. Print advertising is diminishing and even television is taking a back seat to digital. But there’s something so distant and impersonal about sitting in front of a screen. How do you really get to interact with the product or service from your computer?

The opportunity here is to dive into the world of experiential and interactive. Marketers are finding new and exciting ways to engage with their audiences in person. At R\West, we are always exploring new ways to make a meaningful connection with our audience. We look to our peers to see what inspirational campaigns they are creating.

Welcome to the world of experiences, where messages make real connections.

Photoshop Live – Street Retouch Prank

This campaign for Adobe featured live artists using Photoshop to interact with people at a bus stop. The unsuspecting bus passenger is photographed and placed into a poster ad inside the bus stop they are sitting at. Surprised and delighted, people see how Photoshop can be used to create interesting and dynamic visuals quickly and easily.



The live and responsive element to this campaign allows the message to be immediately customized to fit whoever is nearby.

What experiential marketing campaigns have you seen out in the streets? We’re all ears!


-Written by: Annatova Goodman