Hitting Demarini’s Social Out of the Park

Curious on how fast you can grow a social media channel? With Facebook users reaching 1.4 billion and Instagram at 300 million and increasing at an alarming rate, advertisers are turning more and more heavily towards brand communication through social channels.


The extent to which social media can reach and influence audiences was proven with our recent 3-month trial with our client, DeMarini, the manufacturer of baseball and softball equipment and apparel. We set out with a goal to increase the social followers on DeMarini’s Slowpitch Facebook and Instagram accounts with a specific interest in pulling fans from our larger audience on Facebook over to the slightly newer channel of Instagram.


In order to really boost DeMarini’s followers and engagement numbers, we wanted to provide new social strategy and objectives – creating richer content, increasing frequency and variety, posting weekly contests for our fans, and increasing our hashtag awareness to generate more user-generated content (UGC).
It was through this strategy that our team increased DeMarini’s Facebook followers by 38%, bringing them into the five-digit realm, while increasing their Instagram followers by a whopping 76%. Not to mention, raising their monthly likes by 4069%. Wow wow wee wow that’s impressive new engagement!


In our efforts to provide interesting and engaging content on a new platform, R\West introduced GIFs of the celebrities of Slowpitch crackin’ away at balls, as a short-looped video. This instant satisfaction of watching players making BOMBS immediately captured the attention of our followers, almost doubling video reach, with an average of 9,387 organic views out of our 11,400 fans – equating to a reach of 82% of our fans.

As for a more traditional form of advertising, R\West introduced “Win D’s Goods” contests to DeMarini’s social followers, running approximately three small contests and one larger contest a month. Our big story here, would be the launch of our custom bat contest, allowing our fans to submit a picture and name for the dream bat they created on www.DeMariniCustomBats.com. It is here that our followers fell in love with their custom bat, bringing in 276 contest entries and 276 people that much closer to purchasing a custom bat of their own. The contest ran over one weekend and reached  87,610 people.


The men of R\West and their custom Demarini bats

The men of R/West and their custom Demarini bats

It is social successes like these that remind us the importance of maintaining active and influential social accounts to introduce us to new audiences and preserve the attention of existing followers that feel a part of a community, creating brand loyalty and direct sales.

Written by: Kali Huebner

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