The land of the free.

The great melting pot.

Immigrants living on stolen land.

A place where one can achieve anything.

Or a place for the 1%.

A democracy.

A plutocracy.

A kakistocracy.


…what is America to you?


Diversity. Great music. Epic scenery. Freedom of speech. Oppression. Bigotry. Bald eagles. Slavery. Seinfeld. Fried butter on a stick. Kale. NASCAR. New York City. Bill Maher. Fox News. Hollywood. Future Farmers of America. A Christian nation. Freedom of religion. Love for all. Land of opportunity. Guns. Land of cultural appropriation. From sea to shining sea.


America, America.


America is you. America is me. America is so many different things to each and every one of us, but it’s the place we all call home.


Tune into this month’s blog posts for a look at what America means to your fellow R\Westies – and Happy Independence month, ya’ll.