Men’s Support for the Hairy and Hairless Abound

In the month of November, people all over the world will be growing mustaches to support men’s health – raising awareness for things like prostate and testicular cancer. Our team at R\West actually has two ways that you can support men’s health this month so choose your own adventure depending on your hair growing skillz:

“I was born with a Tom Selleck Lip Sweater” (Read Option 1)



“I can still only grow a pre-pubescent wisp ‘stache” (Proceed to Option 2)


Option 1: Mo Bros Unite!

Our NY and San Francisco offices teamed up to launch Mustaches + Magnificat for client Franciscan Estate winery. Held in partnership with New York-based barbershop SPIFF For Men, the Napa Valley winery wants YOU to join “Team Magnificat” and raise funds for the Movember Foundation during the month of November. And it wouldn’t be a wine and mustache pairing with out a few fun events!

Live in NYC?

Throughout November, SPIFF For Men will also host Thursday Happy Hour events for Team Magnificat members and mustache-supportive friends.

Live in California?

Join your mustached friends for a “Show Your ‘Stache” event over Thanksgiving weekend at Franciscan Estate in Napa Valley, Calif. Tasting room visitors will have the opportunity to taste while sharing “‘stache selfies” on social media, shop for a good cause and take home a commemorative mustached wine glass.
For more information, visit: 

Option 2: Get a “Heart On for Men”

Our team at R\West knows that some people aren’t able to grow more than a sad wispy non-‘stache. For you, there’s the #HeartOnForMen campaign, launched this week.
Man and woman alike can purchase “Heart on for Men” buttons and/or t-shirts HERE. All proceeds will go to the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute (earmarked for testicular and prostate cancer research).