New blog. Who dis?

Welcome to the R\West blog. You may have noticed a few new things around here. New website, new branding (new office to go with the new website and new branding) and this our new(ish) blog.

Starting today we’ll be bringing you content, created by the R\West team, built around a theme. Every month the theme will change, and to kick things off, we’re talking about fear. It seemed appropriate given that this October is home to not only Halloween but it’s very own Friday the 13th.

We have some fabulous posts to follow, but in the meantime I’ll leave you with some rather creepy facts that mysteriously landed on my desk this morning, thanks mysterious office creeper.

// random creepy facts for your day, mostly about animals

  • a ‘rat king’ is a phenomenon created when a large group of rats become fused together by their tails via ice, dirt, hair, blood, or even feces
  • there is a shortwave radio station that has been broadcasting a low, monotonous buzz – punctuated by occasional Russian voice transmission – since 1982. no one knows where it comes from.
  • there is a species of fish called the pacu fish that has human-like teeth
  • tarantulas migrate in swarms of up to tens of thousands
  • there is a theory called the phantom time hypothesis that states that the AD dating system is made up and that the years 614-911 AD never happened (seems legit)
  • there is a species of horned toad that squirts blood out of its eyes
  • there are more juggalos than polar bears in the world


Blog post written by Social Media Director, Kelsi Smith.

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