Product Launch PR: Fast Cars and Cool Tech

Who doesn’t love fast cars, cool tech and great storytelling? If you don’t, you can stop reading and click here.

For the rest, let me tell you about how R/West introduced the most awesome and versatile action camera on the market, the FLIR FX. We had the pleasure to partner with FLIR System’s (NASDAQ: FLIR) EMEA marketing team to build media buzz in the United Kingdom—a completely new consumer market for the Wilsonville, Oregon-based company.

Leveraging FLIR’s relationship as an innovation partner of the Formula One racing team, Infiniti Red Bull Racing, what better way to heat up the PR engine than to host a launch event at the cradle of automotive high technology, the Infiniti Red Bull Racing Factory in Milton Keynes?

For you state siders who don’t know, Formula One is to auto racing what Vogue is to fashion, or the NBA is to basketball. It’s THE racing circuit of the globe with all the glitz and glam of a world-class brand.

Think of the Indy 500 and then times that by 10.

The opportunity to work with Infiniti Red Bull Racing gave us instant credibility with the UK press and enabled us to position FLIR as a consumer tech company to watch via mind-blowing features like RapidRecap. It was vitally important to make a stellar first impression. After all, The FX is the company’s first true non-thermal product to carry the FLIR brand name.

To start the day we convened on the impressive mezzanine floor of the factory for a phenomenal sit down lunch catered by the race team. (I would share more pics but for obvious reasons photography is strictly limited considering the insanely competitive nature of Formula One). From there, we divided the group up to either receive a briefing of the FLIR FX or take a 90-minute guided tour of the facilities where one sees how literally almost every piece of the race cars is made.


The 2013 Formula One World Championship Car, A Highlight of the Tour  

The 2013 Formula One World Championship Car, A Highlight of the Tour

The detachable steering wheel. Looks pretty easy, huh?

The detachable steering wheel. Looks pretty easy, huh?

Make an impression we did. The press absolutely loved the FLIR FX, let alone the tour. But don’t take our word for it. You can find gushing reviews here, here and here, to list a few…or three.

The day after, a producer at one of UK’s top broadcast networks said of the event, “Thank you so much for yesterday! I was overwhelmed by the day and now I’m sitting at my desk wearing the polo shirt you guys provided.” It is a good reminder not to underestimate the power of #swag.


Written by: Keith Metz-Porozni

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