Road Test: 3 Apps to Organize Your Work Life

Managing life in the marketing industry is hard. And – let’s face it – we’re always busy: even when we’re not running a major event, there is always new research to compile, industry trends to learn and ideas to pitch. Luckily, several apps out there help improve our work lives, boost productivity and keep us organized.

To save you some time, I tested a few out to see how and where my productivity and organization could be improved. I found these three apps the easiest to use and could be helpful for all marketing professionals.

Free and available on iPhone and Android, as a Chrome app and Chrome extension and the web, is a task-management app that includes time, date and geo-location reminders with the ability to mark tasks as “priority” on to-do lists.

Pros: has an “ Moment” feature that encourages making a habit of reviewing tasks daily. Also, managers can receive shared to-do lists with the collaboration tool to track workloads and priorities across clients.

Cons: Users can not sync task lists with Outlook calendars.

Takeaway: Serious list-makers, as many of us are in the marketing industry, don’t take task-management apps lightly. This is a great app that supports basic functionality with a clean, easy-to-use interface 2



Free, available on iPhone, Android, Windows and Chrome extension, Toggl is a timesheet app for tracking work hours based on tasks.

Pros: Toggl supports live tracking and post-project tracking, so if you forget to track time one day, you can add it manually. It also has export features so you can save tracked time results in a PDF or CSV document.

Cons: None! It’s easy to use and convenient for time-tracking.

Takeaway: The free version allows users to get basic reports based on tracked time for teams up to five. For any agency like R/West, it’s a great way to track time accurately before entering it into our accounting system.


Toggl 1 Toggl 2



Free for trial (includes 7 blocking sessions), and then $6.99/month, $2.42/month with a one-year commitment ($29/year) or $119.99 for unlimited use, forever, Freedom is available for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Windows. Freedom is an Internet, social media and app blocker to help manage distractions on digital devices and boost productivity.

Pros: This app is perfect for people who need to be blocked from the Internet in order to complete projects. Users can create unlimited lists of websites and apps that distract and switch them up during the day. You can schedule recurring sessions and add additional sites when lock mode is enabled.

Cons: A lot of marketing research occurs on a variety of websites and social media, and the only way to circumvent the time limit and restore networking is by restarting your computer.

Takeaway: “Locking” someone from the Internet and social media apps works for some, but not all. While I liked using it to help me focus on a writing-heavy projects, I know the distraction of websites and social media apps often inspires creative work, as well.

Freedom 1Freedom 2


Bottom line, these three apps will help you keep track of daily tasks, stay focused and feel more prepared for time-tracking each month.

Happy Organizing!


Written by Nicole Farin, PR Account Executive