Taking Coffee Seriously

We drink a lot of coffee around here.  A lot.  Thankfully, Stumptown Coffee Roasters recently opened their headquarters just a few blocks from us.


Last week a few of us walked over for their free daily cupping and scoped out their new digs. During our hour session, Matt, a serious coffee expert, lead us through a tasting that opened our minds and our pallets to coffee that isn’t from a giant can.


We blind tasted five different coffees and here’s the basic process:

  • First, you smell the beans and the fresh grounds.
  • Next we added boiling water and waited 4 minutes.  After they steeped it was time for the best part… the “breaking of the crust”
  • A thick “crust” of grounds sat on the top of the cup. We got our faces up close and personal to the cup, took our spoons and broke through the  crust while immediately inhaling the aromas. This “magic aroma moment” only happened for a few of the sniffers.
  • Finally, we tasted five coffees by slurping with a kitchen spoon as loudly as possible and spit the remains into a paper cup. (Note – do not place your spoon in your paper cup, that is frowned upon.)

At the end of the cupping, the coffee origins were revealed. My favorite was the Ethopia and everyone in the group had different favorites.

You can join in on the fun, too!  Tastings are held Monday – Saturday at 3pm.

Stumptown recently released their chocolate cold brew. This is like crack in a milk container.  You’ve been warned.

Written by: Jen Mele

*Photos courtesy of Stumptown Coffee Roasters