THANKS \\ What Makes You Thankful?



November is here, everyone. In anticipation of the coming holidays, I pose the not-annoying-at-all, quintessential question: what makes you feel thankful?

Note: I know, I know, you 100% think about what you’re grateful for every. single. day.  Me too.

As a web developer and generally curious human, I naturally analyzed the deep deep down of this question. What’s happening when I feel grateful? How does it work? What’s the big picture? What’s at the core of it? Can I get some nitty gritty here?

After much deliberation, I decided that feeling grateful, for me, means feeling supported. Heard. Understood. Connected – to people. To nature. To everything that’s happening in the world. To brilliant ideas and creativity, like whatever the hell Elon Musk is talking about, or like what must have gone into the creation of these pants, which I now need.

We live in a world where we are constantly plugged in, trying to connect + share + learn + be seen. It’s a beautiful, albeit distracting thing that we exist in a time where a few short keywords can lead us to most of the world’s information. A world where I can wake up and watch a space walk from the International Space Station, as it happens, coming at me LIVE. We are able to see and build upon each other’s struggles, successes, art, and explorations. Connectivity has the power to inform us, inspire us, unify us. It makes our kinship as humans that much more apparent — so that hopefully we can translate these digital connections into personal ones. The dream of one collective [dance] crew is real, you guys. I’ll bring the snacks.

Connection is what I’m most thankful for, because the world is crazy and existing can be really hard. And it’s easier knowing we’re all in it, we’re all feeling it and working on it, we’re all a part of the thing together.

So, in honor of my love of CONNECTION, I decided to connect in real human presence (very important) with my fellow R\Westies, ask them what they’re thankful for, and then connect their glowing grateful faces to you, reader. We’d love to connect with you too.



Things I’m thankful for, Honorable Mention: Pizza. Thank you, pizza. For all you’ve done.


Post by Interactive Developer Taylor Pokoj

*Illustrations from Your Illustrated Guide to Becoming One with the Universe by Yumi Sakugawa


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