The Ultimate Beacon Scavenger Hunt

Who doesn’t love a scavenger hunt?

The thrill of racing to a location before anyone else can get there. Cracking the code as quickly as you can. Even the uncertainty of never really knowing how long this is going to go on for??? All for that sweet grand prize!

So why don’t we do more of these? And even more importantly, why don’t we use this game to engage and educate consumers about brands? Learning can and should be fun.

Maybe it’s because of the potential logistical nightmares. Especially, when after all that work you can only engage a handful of people. Or maybe it is because brands haven’t realized the potential of combining a Scavenger Hunt with Beacons!

Welcome, Beacons.

A Beacon is a small and often colorful wireless sensor: around the size of a quarter. You place them out and about in the real world, for example on a wall, and set them to broadcast a specific signal. Once a mobile phone comes within a certain range, it can receive and interpret the signal, displaying targeted messages and content on your phone.

Some brands like Elle, Macy’s and Sephora are well aware of the power those little colorful objects posses. Cleverly placing them in their stores to tempt passerbys in with their promises of offers and dreams sent directly to customer’s phones. Who wouldn’t feel special to see a message appear, just for them and oh so conveniently when they happen to be in the area?

This is one of the new ways brands are joining the physical and digital worlds together. Offering up hyper geo-targeted content. So why not take that joy and combine it with the thrill of the Scavenger Hunt!

Beacons are here. In our ever-evolving world the race is truly on to see which brand can use them in the most interesting way. Who is up for the challenge?

Note about Beacons: Beacons are smaller than a ping-pong ball and depending on the brand, like Gimbal and Estimote for example, they come in various colors and shapes, even stickers! Mobile phones either need to have a native app or a digital pass configured to be able to interpret the messages being broadcast.

Written by: Sheena Provan

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