What to Watch: Summer TV Guide from the R\West Media Department

*Disclaimer: Our TV recommendations listed below are the opinions of one or more members of the R\West team but not all. Most of the dudes at R\West would prefer that their name not be attached to such shows as Bachelor In Paradise.

The 2013-2014 TV season is reaching the Summer crossroads and we have to say, so far, we’ve been pretty pleased. With shows like Fargo and True Detective kicking off and returning favorites like House of Cards, Mad Men and Game of Thrones keeping us hooked, we can’t complain about a lack of quality content to watch so far this year.


But now that so many of the goodies are on Hiatus, is there anything worth watching over the Summer months? The Summer TV season still relies pretty heavily on reality programming (like fan-favorite Big Brother that we’re pretty sure is on every night of the week) and tier 2 stuff that the networks can’t find space for in the Fall. But with usage of digital TV platforms reaching a tipping point, there’s a sense that we may not be so reliant on the big networks for good quality entertainment moving forward.

But back to what to watch this Summer. The good news is that very few of these require the same kind of attention span and note taking as Game of Thrones. So pour yourself a shandy, borrow your friends Netflix password, kick back and enjoy one of these 5 new shows for Summer.

1. If you want to watch the next big HBO show and feel like getting super depressed, watch THE LEFTOVERS  that kicked off a few weeks ago.



When 2% of the population mysteriously disappears, the rest of the world is left to wonder why. The show is said to be less about what actually happened to them and more about how one particular suburban community deals with it. 

2. If you need a new mindless, trashy show to go with your new Sun-In hairdo, watch BACHELOR IN PARADISE

It’s basically Bachelor Pad. But apparently it’s different. We don’t know why. And we don’t really care. But we’ll probably watch anyway. 

3. If you watch every franchise of the Real Housewives but also know you shouldn’t admit that, watch HOTWIVES OF ORLANDO 


A Hulu original show from the producer of Bachelor parody Burning Love, Hotwives is every bit as fake as the shows its making fun of. And even more awesome. 

4. If you are really into alien pregnancies or just into Halle Berry, watch EXTANT.

Extant is a CBS drama revolving around an astronaut (Halle Berry) who returns home from a year alone in space, pregnant. You do the math.

5. If your Cable, Netflix and Hulu  all go down and you literally only get 2 channels of live TV and these are the only shows on. Well then, watch MYSTERY GIRLS or GIRL MEETS WORLD.

The first stars 90210 alum Tori Spelling and Jenni Garth. And it’s on ABC Family. I think that + the name pretty much says it all.  The latter is a spin off of the popular 90’s TGIF staple designed to make us all feel old. Mission accomplished Disney Channel.

So, the jury’s out on this years Summer shows but we’ll keep watching. If these don’t seem quite right for you, it could be a good time to catch up and marathon some other shows that you missed the first time around.

  • If you don’t typically watch The History Channel but are a Game of Thrones fan and like sex & violence, catch up on VIKINGS (History Channel On Demand, Hulu)
  • If you haven’t already powered through and binge-watched, watch ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK (Netflix, Season 2 available now)
  • If you haven’t watched BREAKING BAD, well, then we don’t actually even want to talk to you.

And just because we’re just kind people (we really are), here are 2 other tips.

1. If you want the Cliff’s Notes versions of what’s happening on TV, we highly recommend you tune in to VH1’s Best Week Ever OR The Peoples Couch on Bravo

And if you want to know whether your favorite shows are coming back in 2014/15, here’s a link where you can see their fate (Sorry, Bad Teacher fans. Oh wait. Never mind).

Written by: Danielle Perez

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