When it Comes to Video, Don’t Waste Time!

R/West’s video team recently went to Denver for a 2-day shoot for one of our automotive dealership clients. As you’ll see and read below, we did not waste time in Denver.


The Task

Shoot 4 different spots, each with 4 different regional-specific variations for a total of 16 commercials. For an added level of difficulty, there were two locations each day.


The Concept

Whether it’s no-haggle pricing, 24-hour delivery, or a helpful sales team, our client has always been about saving the customer time. But did they ever stop to wonder what their customers do with that extra time? Maybe we’ve given them too much time. And when you’ve got time to waste, things can get a little weird.


These spots all feature quirky, Wes-Anderson feeling characters, each with a little too much time on their hands thanks to the quick and painless car-buying experience at our client’s dealerships. After realizing how easy it is to buy a car, the viewer is transported to the car buyer’s home to see just how eccentric they really are… and how much time they have to waste .


Props & Set Direction

The punch line of the joke is when the viewer sees the car buyer’s home setting. We had to go over the top on the art direction and props to really sell the characters and thus make the spots work. In Kitten Kreations, we had 10 live cats brought in from the humane society to really accentuate the quirkiness of our car buyer.


The Shoot

With just 2 days to shoot essentially 16 spots, we needed to be organized. Very organized. Using an app called Shot Lister, our director was able to clearly organize the shots needed, and used color coding to designate the regional specific variations required for each main spot. Furthermore, anyone else with Shot Lister received real time updates as the shot list changed or was updated.


In the screen shot below, you can see the shot list for the Kitten Kreations commercial, where blue references a shot for the east coast regional dealerships, green is for the Denver dealerships, orange for the Nashville dealerships and purple is for the rocky mountain dealerships. White designates that that shot can be used for all 4 variations of the commercial.


Final Product

Take a look at the final edit of Kitten Kreations for Berlin City (or blue, on the Shot Lister notes above for those keeping track). Keep an eye on our social channels for the other 3 spots coming soon!


Kitten Creations: https://youtu.be/ID_Zrh-prR8

Written by: Casey Nolan

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