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Who do we work with?
Life brands. Brands that help us enjoy, live and succeed in life. We work with brands we believe in, which makes it easy to show consumers why they should believe in them too.

What are we best at?
Creating integrated content campaigns that builds brands and drive action.  We are
advertising. We are PR. We are digital. We are social. We are video. We are analytics.
We use our expertise to cut through the complexity of being heard in a very loud world.

How do we measure results?
Our Insight Analytics program integrates and optimizes cross-channel content delivery, showing real-time results, actionable insights and ROI. This is how we turn data into dollars.

Why should you care?
We believe our role is to be the most effective partner for you. To understand what’s
possible, what’s happening and what matters to YOU and your business.

We’re 70 people, 10 dogs, 3 city locations and multiple remote locations represented. 23 years strong. We’re responsive, agile, integrated, and independent. We drive results, not by using lofty claims or pumping money into media, but by using creativity & empathy to connect consumers to the bigger picture: your brand’s purpose.

When most people think of advertising, they think of one thing: sales. And yes, while selling is important, effective advertising does much more than sell products. Effective advertising sells stories.

At R/West, we help our clients sell in a way that builds brand sustainability and equity in the age of the consumer. We call it storyselling. By building a meaningful narrative across all channels, platforms, and screens, we can reach consumers in a way that inspires them to connect with a brand and take action.


Along with CEO, Sean Blixseth, RWest’s leadership team delivers a deep bench of experience as well as an evergreen entrepreneurial spirit to create and innovate.

Sarah Simmons


Elizabeth Morrow McKenzie

Executive Creative Director

Jennifer Mele

Director of Brand Managment

Danielle Perez

VP, Director of Media

Jessa Barnes

Director of Brand Strategy

Christa Arriaga-Volker

Director of Digital Strategy

Dan Eckis

Director of Technology

Ruben Kosman

Managing Director - Amsterdam

Aaron Robnett

Creative Director

Brian Hildenbrand

Associate Media Director


From consumer facing brands looking for an edge in competitive markets to companies with emerging technologies or services, we partner with brands that help improve people’s lives.

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