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At R\West, we recognize that climate change is one of the most pressing issues facing the world today. We are committed to being a positive force for change. Here is a brief overview of our efforts to minimize the impact of our energy, emissions and water usage, and to maintain safe environments for workers and clients.



Our agency culture and initiatives team, nicknamed R\evelry, is our agency volunteer based team that brainstorms, plans, and carries out projects that further the goals of the agency. Open to anyone, we bring together staff from all departments and levels to identify issues, come up with creative solutions, and implement said solutions to reduce the agency’s environmental impact.


Communication, Education and Activities

  • In 2017, we implemented a community service policy to promote community engagement.
  • Recycling signage on best practices is placed in key areas throughout our office such as the supply area and kitchen.
  • Displays and posters are posted to raise awareness and encourage sustainable practices throughout the year.
  • The agency participates in activities supporting Charitable Giving Campaign, Earth Day, CT Recycles Day and Pollution Prevention Week.



  • We practice responsible purchasing to guide our decisions when we buy paper, office electronics, and other supplies.
  • We are a dog friendly office to alleviate our employees’ need for extra travel to dog care facilities or having to head home in the middle of day to care for their pets, causing excess travel.
  • Our kitchen is stocked with reusable coffee mugs, glasses, plates, and silverware.
  • When available, we purchase office supplies from local and environmentally preferred vendors.
  • We are in the process of developing a supplier policy to screen for positive social and environmental impact such as B Corp, Green Business and Fair Trade certified companies.


Recycling and Waste

At R\West, we

  • discourage single use plastics and have a tap water filter and provide reusable glass water bottles for all employees.
  • provide organic, Fair Trade coffee, tea, and cocoa. The Fair Trade organization prioritizes proper stewardship of natural resources and waste management practices for their farmers.
  • have installed ENERGY STAR appliances and energy saving lighting.
  • use low flow toilets and faucets.
  • supply and use green cleaners.
  • recycle all mandated items, plus alkaline batteries, electronics and electronic accessories, packing materials, Tyvek envelopes, printer inkjet and laser toner cartridges, magazines and other kinds of mixed paper.
  • explain where to recycle each material we collect and how to prepare it on our internal website. Recycling containers for paper are placed in each break room and employees have white paper recycling containers at their desks. All other materials are collected in our mailroom.
  • have consumed 65% less paper in the last 5 years and are actively working to become 100% paperless. The paper we do consume is FSC certified.


Commuting, Travel and Meeting

  • R\West compensates a portion of our employees yearly public transportation benefits which provides access to public bike shares, mass transit and streetcars. Our locations are in accessible areas of the city for full access to arrive using public transportation.
  • We provide a company bike and electric scooter for employee use.
  • We have a secured bike storage area for our cyclists to promote cycling to work.
  • We limit our travel to client locations and send small teams and leverage virtual conferencing as much as possible.
  • If one must travel, we encourage our staff to book green hotels.
  • We have a generous WFH benefit and plan that promotes our staff to work from home or remotely at their discretion.