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How do you eliminate the belief that you must be an educator to join while moving away from the uninspiring acronym: TFCU?


Brand Strategy
Public Relations
Paid Media
Digital Experience
Social Media

To solve consumer confusion around the name and build an inclusive story, we crafted a new brand platform: SMART FOR ALL. Since financial decisions are often working towards a long term goal, we incorporated chalk art illustrations over imagery to help members envision what a smart financial partner could do for them.


From exterior signage to ATMs, we’ve helped Teachers rethink every consumer touchpoint within their branches. We frequently attend vendor calls to ensure our recommendations are being executed with efficient and effective production techniques.

Smarter Online Experience

We worked with Teachers FCU to streamline their user experience, bring financial education to the forefront and optimize their site for mobile as well as implement the new brand identity.

Social Media

We launched the new brand in owned channels with engaging activities, like put yourself on a bill portrait frames and educational infographics. We also executed a major pivot in content strategy to real time address our communities sentiments around COVID-19: celebrating healthcare workers, small business loans and fraud prevention.

Project 1

First Tech Federal Credit Union and R/West Pick Up Industry Marketing Awards


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teachers federal credit union, smart for all ATM
smart for car loans, home loans, and dream loans
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Teachers Federal Credit Union branch lobby

Teachers FCU

One of the largest credit unions in the United States, Teachers has been serving the Long Island and the greater New York area for over 60 years. What started as a credit union for Teachers only, has had an open enrollment for more than 20 years – but few in the New York area know it.

The new CEO challenged R\West to update the branding to better tell the modern Teachers Federal Credit Union story to a larger audience, without losing engagement with the existing membership. Our team worked to create an integrated marketing strategy that eliminated consumer confusion around the name and built a n overall stronger brand story, through the newly created brand platform: SMART FOR ALL.

We worked with Teachers FCU to streamline their user experience, bring financial education to the forefront and optimize their site for mobile as well as implementing the new brand identity. From every touchpoint, starting with the logo treatment to the ad campaigns, to the digital experience to the in-branch experience, we brought new life into the brand through active voice and great storytelling. Our goal to increase overall brand visibility & engagement that expanded brand awareness and drove increased conversion proved successful almost immediately with initial benchmarks exceeded within the first year of implementation.

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