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Ensuring a client well-versed in organic practices is as savvy to the landscape of social media and digital sales.


Brand Strategy
Content Creation
Digital Experience
Social Media
Paid Media

Engaging and expanding Bonterra’s core of organic wine drinkers is at the core of our content creation strategy. From tasting notes, to DIY projects to recipe pairings, we create relevant content month over month that is deployed across owned channels, web email and point of purchase marketing efforts.

Launching Canned Wine

We created a content series including a teaser in Instagram stories, paying off with a collection announcement launch post across all channels followed by a series of canned seasonal wine occasions—self care, dockside and glamping.


The campaign drove 15% engagement growth, 310% impressions growth and 16% follower growth with social channels. Young Red sold out in 17 days.

Social Seeding

As a surprise-and-delight 10 influencers who have been authentic fans of the brand received eco-friendly, furoshiki wrapped bundles of the new can product line for personal trial (and a little social sharing).

Pivoting in Pandemic

Taking note of the huge consumer shift to online wine shopping due to the Covid-19 pandemic in March 2020, R\West quickly pivoted and took action. Within 24 hours, the team launched a 1-cent shipping campaign on 6+ bottles, incentivizing fans to stock up on their favorite Bonterra wines. Utilizing a mix of marketing technology, the team tracked the consumers’ journeys and provided crucial data needed to make in-real time adjustments to the campaign.


Customer Intelligence, Growth and Sales


Combining our first-party data to create a clearer segment and customer profile in order to create the most effective lookalike audience targeting to shape our social strategy and approach to 3rd party data.


Together with our social efforts, we grew the email database by +25%.
To date, we have retained that customer growth and the data shows this segment has garnered repeat customers of the core line of wines.


Bottom line, we saw a +50% sales lift from one single email campaign.
Our average ticket size was $150 matching the bulk buy strategy and generating a +540% return on ad spend.

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